• Format: Available in bulk and packed.
  • Use: In Industry. In steel and metallurgy it is used as a flux and slag of impurities as well as a desulfurizer. In the cellulose pulp manufacturing process regenerating caustic soda as well as in the bleaching process.
  • Under Construction. Quicklime is used in soil stabilization and subsequent construction of all types of civil or structural works, especially in those soils that are clayey. In concretes, finely ground quicklime has the property of a strong reduction in shrinkage.
  • Waste treatment. Quicklime is used with different granulometries in waste treatment with two fundamental objectives, to dehydrate-stabilize the “sludge” and to inert the chemical waste and in certain cases biologically, making it easily manageable and transportable.
  • Cal micronized for the manufacture of animal feed. Micronized quicklime, of high finesse, is used as a raw material in the manufacture of animal feed; acting as a catalyst in the strong exothermic and saponification reaction, as well as providing calcium in the final product.
  • In agriculture and livestock. In the agricultural sector as a calcium and magnesium contribution, increasing the yield of crops thanks to the mineralization and correction of acidic soils. In livestock in the care of animals with antiseptic objectives and disinfection of various bacteria in the environment generated by slurry.