On Saturday, December 3, the TPA Asturias Semanal program issued a report on 3-dimensional printing under the title “Breaking the molds” in which the Build3-Print project was highlighted, the pioneering initiative in our country executed by a consortium led by Cementos Tudela Veguín, Coprosa and Prodintec, which is a continuation of the CON3D project “Development of an automated process for manufacturing structures using 3D printing technology for the construction sector”, which took place in May of this year and in which Traditional materials such as mortars and concretes, which are the most used in the sector, were processed through 3D printing, not limited to a pilot laboratory experiment, but a fully industrializable process has been developed and includes the necessary equipment to carry out printing and manufacturing systematics.

From minute 14’40 ”the project is explained in whose recording the Director of R + D + i of Cementos Tudela Veguín, Mr. Daniel Fernández and the Technical Director of General de Hormigones, Mr. Rufino Cano, have intervened, and that took place in the Estabisol laboratories.

http://www.rtpa.es/video:Asturias%20semanal_551480809332. html