Tree plantings 2023 in “Masaveu Industria”

​​Once the harshest period of the pandemic was over, the Environmental Days were held again at the “Masaveu Industria” facilities, planting the trees with the surrounding schools.

This year the weather has been good and the rain has prevented this activity only in the Aboño factory. In the rest of the facilities it has been possible to enjoy spring days. For example, the “Morteros Tudela Veguín” plant in Riaño; the river promenade in Narón, the factories of La Robla and Tudela Veguín, and, for the first time, in Caleras de San Cucao (Llanera). All of them were the setting in which a total of 160 children from the school community participated in the planting of various fruit trees.

Chestnut, walnut, apple (several varieties), pear, peach, nectarine, plum or pine trees were the species chosen for planting.

Factory of Cementos Tudela Veguín, S.A. in Tudela Veguin

Factory of Cementos Tudela Veguín, S.A. in Naron

Factory of Cementos Tudela Veguín, S.A. in La Robla

Among the attending authorities, it is worth noting the presence of the Mayor of Narón, Ms. Marián Ferreiro, at the planting carried out on March 10 on the pedestrian path that connects Freixeiro with Xuvia; the Mayor of Oviedo, Mr. Alfredo Canteli, at the planting carried out at the Tudela Veguín factory on March 21, and the Mayor of La Robla, Mr. Santiago Dorado, at the planting carried out in the vicinity of the factory on March 15. 

It has been a success. The representatives of the respective schools thanked the experience and have been summoned for the collection of the fruits and next plantings.