• Format: Available in bulk.
  • Use: Slag of impurities in the steel formation process.
  • Waste treatment.
  • Magnesium oxide, together with its associated percentage of lime, is a slagging agent for impurities in the steel formation process, among which the elimination of phosphorus and sulfur, elements present in the raw material of this sector that deteriorate the quality of steel, stand out. cracking it and making it less ductile.
  • Magnesium oxide provides an optimal degree of fluidity to the resulting slags for their corresponding transfer to other processes.
  • The magnesium contribution favors the protection of the refractory lining in high temperature installations with the molten material.
  • Calcined dolomite is used with fine granulometries in the treatment of waste with two fundamental objectives, to dehydrate-stabilize the “sludge” and to chemically inert the waste, making it easily manageable and transportable. It is especially recommended for use with residues that can catch fire such as paints, fats and oils.
SAMPLESTANDARDS UNE 80305: 2001 AND UNE-EN 197-1: 2000
Set Principle
Set End
min.2613 45
Expansion. Le Chatelier min.0,2≤10
Compression 1 dayMpa
Compression 2 daysMpa45,53 30
Compression 7 daysMpa
Compression 28 daysMpa67,03 52,5
(UNE-EN 196-3)
Cr (IV)%< 0,0002
Ión Cloruro Cr%0,003≤0,10 %
Whiteness Index L *%92,4≥85
Loss to fire%3,00≤5,0 %
Insoluble Residue%0,11≤5,0 %
Sulfur trioxide (SO3)%3,42≤4,0 %